What We Do

Laundromats typically offer self-service facilities that allow customers to wash and dry their clothes independently. Customers typically bring their own detergent and fabric softener and follow the instructions on the machines to complete the cycle. The machines used in Laundromats are generally larger and more powerful than the machines found in a home, allowing customers to wash and dry their clothes more quickly. A Laundromat is a self-service laundry facility that provides washing machines and dryers, usually for a fee. It is typically open to the public, and customers can bring in clothing to be laundered on their own. We are running promotion for Wash N Fold $1.10

Cash only

Our Pricing Plan

Wash & Fold

  • $1.10 PER Pound upto first 40 Pound
  • Each Additional 40 Pound it will $1 per Pound

Minimum 10LB

  • Feather Comforter $30.00
  • Twin Comforter $15.00

Same Day Service Available

  • Queen Comforter $18.00
  • King Comforter $20.00