Commerical Laundary

At Wash 'n Dry Launderland, Commercial Laundry refers to the specialized laundry services provided to businesses and organizations on a larger scale in Los Angeles. It involves cleaning, drying, and folding linens, uniforms, towels, and other textiles used in various industries such as hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, spas, gyms, and more.

We provide Commercial laundry services and are equipped with industrial-grade machinery and technology to handle large volumes of laundry efficiently. Our trained staff follow strict protocols to ensure proper cleaning, stain removal, and maintenance of the textiles. These services may also offer additional services like repairs, alterations, and storage of linens.

Commercial laundry services are crucial in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and professionalism in various industries. We provide convenience, efficiency, and reliable laundry solutions that cater to the specific needs of businesses, contributing to their overall success and customer satisfaction in Los Angeles, CA.

Home laundry service is a service that picks up your laundry from your home, washes and dries it, and delivers it back to you in Los Angeles, CA. This service is convenient for people needing more time or resources to do their laundry. Wash 'n Dry Launderland is a popular home laundry service that includes Washio, Rinse, and Cleanly. These services may offer additional features such as eco-friendly cleaning, customizable detergents, and folding services. It's always a good idea to read reviews and compare prices before choosing a home laundry service in Los Angeles, CA.

Cash only

Our Pricing Plan

Wash & Fold

  • $1.10 PER Pound upto first 40 Pound
  • Each Additional 40 Pound it will $1 per Pound

Minimum 10LB

  • Feather Comforter $30.00
  • Twin Comforter $15.00

Same Day Service Available

  • Queen Comforter $18.00
  • King Comforter $20.00